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World Tea Award 2019 New York tea competition

Tea tasting and judgement in Shanghai

About the Committee

Chairman: Dr. Robert Aslanian 

Chief Coordinator: John Suduer

The committee is formed by international   

tea professionals and scientists.

Award Ceremony and International Tea Culture Day

June 16th Award Ceremony 

Crowne Plaza 

2055 Lincoln Highway

Edison, New Jersey 08817



2019 International Tea Culture Day,June 16,2019

Spring tea is on the market. Shanghai, Beijing, Xiamen, Hangzhou and Las Vegas have held tea expos. The tea culture shines all over the world.

On June 16th, the Yunnan Ancient Tea Group, which was awarded the World Tea Gold Award by World Tea Championship & Expos, will come to the 2019 International Tea Culture Day in Greater New York On June 16 ,the "International Tea Culture Day" is specially held at the Crown Hotel in Edison City. People can taste the famous teas from China, Japan, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, India, Taiwan and other tea resorts, including the Pu'er and Zhengshan, Jin Junmei, Shengzhou Green Tea, Oriental Beauty, etc. International Tea Culture Day will also include tea ceremony and art performances. Everyone can taste ancient tea and listen to Guqin. It will be a unique cultural feast.

Location: Crowne Plaza, 2055 Lincoln Highway, Edison; Date/Time: June 16th, 2019, 2:00-4:00 pm. Free admission, refreshments

Contact:; WeChat: worldteaexpo; or desertgreen.

Website:; Phone: Jasica 848-565-4219; 202-697-2674, 202-594-6060

World Tea Day

Taste teas from all over the world

Finalist : Lancang Ancient Tea


We chose from many of the international tea expos and tea farms directly.